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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Odds and ends and a T-giving giveaway

Writing about the details they noticed about me. Thankfully no one wrote "fat and flabby arms", which clearly would have been accurate. I think I saw maybe Cara Carroll do this. With skinnier arms. Yikes- that is FRIGHTENING!!!!! When did my mother take over my body???!!!

Getting signatures for classroom mayor! They LOVED that! The classroom mayor project was pretty fun. It's in my community unit.

The Fork Run- carrying candy corn on a fork after predicting how many pieces we could get on the fork and how far we could take them. During "or" sound week. From my Fun with Phonics Sounds unit.  

  I think you all know that my TPT store has been Where Everything is a Dollar. I recently read a TPT newsletter that spoke to having a dollar store, and just pretty much said it's a bad idea. I understand where they are coming from and what they were saying. I never meant to undercut other sellers or hurt the market as a whole. I felt badly about doing something that would hurt other people, so I decided to raise my prices. Not a lot, just a little. Now I feel sad that everything's not a dollar anymore, even though I still think it's a pretty smokin' deal. So I decided that every time I post a new product, I would make it a dollar for the first 24 hours. And I would give a couple away here on my blog. My latest product is for T-giving. It's mostly grammar and math, with a little bit of spelling thrown in. But remember, I make my products for what I need in my classroom, so my spelling words fit what I need. They're pretty basic words, though. I'll try to add some more on another night. It's about 40 pages for $2. But for the first 24 hours, it's only a buck.

So for the first 2 people that comment about me raising my prices, I'll send you a free Thanksgiving unit. Just make sure you add your email address.

Thanks for reading! Hope all is well with all of you! Time is flying! Does anyone else feel like you're just not getting enough stuff in during the day???!!! Is anyone else totally behind on handwriting???!!! And for all you people who post daily, or even do you do it????!!!!!

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  1. I am okay with your prices. I have most of your units! What you are doing is very generous:)

  2. I know how you feel about raising prices. I never know what to charge for my TPT store items. You are very generous!

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