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Saturday, February 7, 2015

A trip to Disneyschool. I mean, Ron Clark Academy

Have you seen all the blog posts that are talking about their trip to RCA? I think it looks awesome. And at this point in my life, expensive. It would take me about a year to save up the money I would need for a trip like that.
My husband and Daughter at the Daddy Daughter Dance

And I think it's my husband who should really go. My husband is my principal, for those of you who don't know. He sacrifices being able to go to conferences the rest of us go to because he is either teaching, or working in the office, or at home with our own children. But with all the changes coming to our school, I think it's the perfect time and place to go visit. So  I asked our Board of Ed for help paying for a trip for him. And they're considering it!!!! I'm so excited. It's not a done deal, but just the fact that they're thinking about it is exciting to me!

Even if he can go, it won't be me going. But I don't even care (although I wish I could go with him) that it's him and not me. At least I can hear about it first hand. And it's payback time for me. He is a huge help to me, and lets me go to the annual conference with all our teachers in Palm Springs, CA. A beautiful place. Especially in November. It's a special time to see fellow teachers and relax without kids or stress. So now it's his turn.

I feel a little like I'm wanting to do what all the cool kids are doing. But what a place RCA seems to be! It's hard not to be curious! So in the mean time, I'm reading this:

Crash Course : The Life Lessons My Students Taught Me by Kim Bearden (2014, Hardcover) Image
So far, so good. An easy read, and good for me to read at this point in my year. And only $.75 at!!!
"Enjoy" your Sunday. Can a teacher really do that?
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Tough Week

Last week was a toughie. "Requests" from parents and administration, kids wired up for our special Christian Schools Week with all of its dress up days and activities, kids with Fun Dip in their lunches, a computer that is dead. How many files do you have on your computer that you use on a daily/weekly/monthly basis that you totally rely upon? Well, mine are gone.

I got so distraught. I sent a lengthy email to my sister and she said "I'm fed up just reading this. Make sure you just enjoy the sweet ones."

This week that is my goal. I will enjoy the sweet ones. Aren't they all sweet? Of course. But is there ever a time where the sweetness is overcome with mischief or the need for attention, good or bad? Yes. Nobody's perfect. So this week, I will try to give those "sweet ones" (you know the ones- they are ALWAYS good, trying to please, doing what is right, making the best of choices) their due. Because, honestly, sometimes they get overlooked. And to those who don't always make good choices- are throwing pencils and paper instead of putting them where they belong, wrestling in the library, hitting others with a bean bag, etc.- they will get limited attention for those things, and I will praise them for their own "sweet times". Will I have a perfect classroom without any stresses? I doubt it. Sometimes I just say little short prayers throughout the day: "Lord, I don't like this kid right now. Help me. Give me Your love for him." or "Lord, it's a rough day and I am OUT of patience. Help me to remember I am here to serve You." or "Lord, I need you." It has really worked in those desperate times and He changes my attitude.

Pray with me and for me and I will remember all of you in prayer this week.

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