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Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Summer Like No Other

Has your summer ever been...less than what you thought it would be? It starts on such a high. Sleeping in! No lunches to make! Reading the Sunday paper! Home projects!

Then about 3-4 weeks in, you start to fade a little. Still fun. Maybe a vacation to look forward to. A pool if you're in the south like me. Still lovin' all the summer stuff. But feeling a little discombobulated due to a lack of schedule/calendar.

Then a couple more weeks and you start to feel a little panicky. School is coming. The lack of schedule is really starting to get to you, but the whirlwind that is the school year is creeping up. Time is no longer on your side.

Those have been my phases of summer for the last couple years. This year, not so much. I started the first 2 weeks of summer with some health issues that kept me on my bed or the couch. They were resolved. So I started planning for a new jump from first grade to third. And then about 2 days later I lost my job- money and enrollment issues. So the next 4 weeks were filled with resumes, applications and interviews. Questionnaires and phone calls. What a long process job hunting can be. It's exhausting. Scary and stressful times for our family of 6.

I have been blessed with a new job after being able to choose from a few. That is a GIFT. I have chosen a jump to 3rd once again. And now, 2 weeks out from the first day of school, I find myself in a hotel 2,000 miles from home. Visiting Indiana for a family wedding.

I can truly say this was a summer like no other. Not always fancy-free and full of sunshine and sleeping in. But I learned SO much. And I am grateful that I lost my job. Sometimes God takes us by the hand and pulls us into new situations. Growth isn't painless, and steel is strengthened through fire. But God brought me closer to Him and a better understanding of some of life's struggles.

Now, on to find some good 3rd grade blogs!

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