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Monday, April 20, 2015

Candy Shoppe Alphabet word wall freebie- with or without the candy!

I started working on next year's Candy Shoppe Decoration set about 2 years ago. Then school started that year and I never got back to it. Now, finally, I am. In my last post I told you that I'm moving to 3rd grade. I'm still using this set, even though it might seem a little young. It's so bright and colorful and happy, I think the kids will love it. It's full of patterns, and bold, bright colors. I'm making it with and without candy graphics so it can be used even if your not a theme-girl.

So while I finish it up, you can grab one of the alphabets here for free. With and without the candy graphics! Grab it now, because once I add the whole set of decorations, it won't be free anymore!

I hope you like it!
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

From first to third!!!!!

I am so sorry I did not post any Easter freebies. My computer was DEAD. Totally out of commission.

I am CHANGING GRADES next year!! Ahhhh!!!!!   I've been in first grade this time around for  5 years. This is the longest I've been in one grade, and I'm sad to say I'm leaving it. I really like the first graders. They're so funny and loving. They get excited over small things. I know the curriculum. (Finally.) I have a grasp on standards. (Mostly.) And now I'm starting over.

I'm moving to 3rd grade, which I have taught before. And when I did, I loved it. Really, really loved it. And double bonus, my room has a bathroom in it! And triple bonus, my new room is right next to the teacher's workroom!

I'm excited to plan. I'm excited to move classrooms. Yes, you read that right. I actually am excited to go through my crap learning tools and purge. And of course I'm excited to decorate. I'm working on my theme for next year. Sweet Shoppe! No, 3rd grade is not too old to have a themed classroom decorating scheme. Who doesn't like candy??!! And since I had these guys last year as first graders, I know they like candy!!! I've been working on it for a couple years and had to put it on hold. So it's back on the burner, simmering as I add details and graphics. I can't wait to get it done and take some pictures! I have big plans!!!!
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