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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Decorating next year's classroom

I love decorating my classroom. It's one of my favorite parts of teaching. I spend a lot of time and research thinking about what I want to do, and change my mind many times during the summer. I usually know a year ahead of time what I want for next year, but then change my mind before I get it ready.

For next year I had planned and started creating a Candy Shoppe theme. And then I realized that many of my students will be boys. So I will finish my Candy Shoppe theme, but I am also in the process of creating a Secret Agent theme. I'm thinking Marvel Comics meet Mission Impossible.

So here's a part of what I have for the Candy Shoppe so far.
Name Plates

My secret agent set is still in the works. So far it's main colors are shades of lime, turquoise and black. Boyish, but girlie enough that girls will love it too!

Once I have them completely done, I will be giving sets away. So look for that in June!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A free Vets and Pets unit full of fun-

Are you familiar with STEM projects? Two weeks ago we did one on veterinarians. Here we are doing some of our
Engineering and
Engineering the front desk 


A pet owner paying for services

Waiting in the Waiting Room with our pets

STEM projects are really fun! The kids set up the waiting room, front desk and Vets office. They were each given a folder of money and had to pick a card that listed was wrong with their pet. Then they found it on the list of charges and paid the receptionist. That was great for money, adding and subtracting! When they went into the Dr.'s office, the Dr. had to fill out a report. We read "On the Job with Dr. Martha Smith" and watched a bunch of awesome vet videos. We also compared tame animals and wild animals and wrote a 2 point paragraph about whether we'd rather be a wild animal or tame animal vet. Cross-curriculur!
I'll be honest, the projects the students did that were part of the PBL were challenging. But the kids worked in groups and really did a great job. One team made a ppt slide for Career Day, one came up with a daily schedule for a Vet's office, and one made a poster thanking vets and listing what Veterinarians do for the community. In first grade it's the process as much as the product.
So if you need something fun to do at the end of the year, but still use some higher level creativity, as well as reviewing so many skills, check it out.
This unit is on sale in my TPT store for $2! And I'm giving 2 away for free. Just leave me a comment! Thanks for reading!

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