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Sunday, December 6, 2015

$1 Christmas ends in a hurry!

Christmas with the Gang

Ten More Weeks of Winter Morning Work

Two more weeks 'til break!!!! I'm ready already and that is so sad because I just had a full week off for PD over Thanksgiving week! I shouldn't need another break this early. Why is it that I hate planning so much?! I love finding fun stuff to do! I just wish it didn't take so long, or so much brain energy. Or that I had enough money to buy all my stuff on TPT and just use the cute and fun plans I see on the website.

Christmas Around the Globe: A Powerpoint PresentationSo here's my favor for you all...everything Christmas related in my store is only $1 for a quickie flash sale. It will end in a hurry!!!!! Here's a link for your pre-Christmas break sale!

Merry Christmas!
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

A palace of a school!

Wow! Look at this place! It's amazing. Who wouldn't want to walk down the halls of this school and just discover the details?! I sure would!

Check out the chain on this drawbridge! And the stones! Incredible!

 I love the mix of plastic flowers for a realistic look that contrasts the huge paper ones. So "Alice in Wonderland." Love it.

And check out the insides of these flowers! Are those bunnies??!!
Nice work, teachers of Sullivan Elementary. Hats of to you, for sure!

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Using Facebook...I'm not so sure about any freebie from my store!

I'm sure I've shared with you all the fact that I love classroom decorating and organizing that. I've been doing a ton of research on it lately as well. I have so much interesting information to share with you as far as how classroom d├ęcor affects learning and test results.

But I'm such a bad blogger! I just have a super hard time getting anything written! And when I do, I write like an 8 year old! It's like I've lost all writing ability. I wonder if it's because it's 10:30 PM by the time I sit down to it...hmm...

Anyway, I started recording the cool stuff  I'm learning and seeing over at Facebook, of all places. I may or may not have shared with you my feelings about Facebook. I'll spare you a trip to my soapbox, but I do see its' strengths, and communicating with other teachers is one of them.

Soooooo.....(Are you a KidHistory fan????!!!! If not, check them out! Hilarious.) if you follow my Facebook page, I'll treat you to any product from my TPT store for free. Just message me your email address at Facebook after hitting my Like button. Or come on back here and give me your address in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!
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