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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Higher Level Thinking with Morning Work for 3rd Grade!

I'm pretty sure in a former post I mentioned that I'm teaching 3rd grade this year. So that meant many things, one of which was: I needed new morning work!

One of my goals for spring break was to make my morning work for 4th quarter. And yes, it's the Saturday before school starts again, but I did it!! Whew! Time for a nap.

I like to use higher level thinking with morning work, just to give them some practice and make morning work a little more engaging. Each day has a theme, but the pages change three times within that theme. So for instance, Monday is Math Monday. Three weeks are spent practicing counting money, three weeks practicing time, and three weeks for fact family practice. On Mondays, we use it like a scoot game, or scavenger hunt, where the kids find a numbered envelope with a problem in it.

Disclaimer: there is a teeny tiny bit of prep work involved, but I tried to keep even that as simple as possible. You also need to have a few items on hand, but they're very common, and you may not even have to buy them. Or if you do, they're cheap! And it's only for a few days. Most days are just print and go. But I want to let people know that. I kept the price low ($3.50) for the whole quarter's worth of work.

Tuesday is "Touch it Tuesday", which speaks to the early childhood teacher in me. There are three Tuesdays of using chopsticks to pick up objects (or letters) and then write about them, three days of writing about goop they will make, and three days of writing spelling words in different kinds of substances (like canned pumpkin or shaving cream).

Wednesday is more simple. "What is the Question Wednesday". I give them an answer and they write 5 questions to go with it.
Thursday is "Thoughtful Thursday". Analogies, hink pinks and literary equations. I'm a word nerd, so I love that day!
Friday is "Fun Friday". Riddles!! Some are harder, some are easy.
It took me 'til the 11th hour to get it done, but what a relief! Now for that nap. You can find the morning work here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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