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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to School Night Freebie

 A Back to School Presentation Freebie!

 Do you have a Back to School night? Parent Orientation? We do, and I really like it! It gives me a chance to let parents know a little bit about what is in store for them. It's always time-consuming to plan though, and to say everything I want and/or need to say in the alloted time.  And sometimes I have a hard time deciding what's important enough to include!

I've been one of those "deer in the headlight" parents who hears TOO much information from my child's teacher.  So here's what I try to do:
1) Have food. My very dear and wise teacher/friend Judy always said "when parents have to come and hear me talk, I give 'em candy."
2) Use a power point presentation. Or Prezi. Or video. Or something to look at or listen to, other than me.
3) Give them a hand out. You'll see in my ppt that no matter what I eliminate, there is still a TON of information for them to absorb. So if they have a hand out, they can always refer to it.
4)Be prepared for school supplies to come in that night. Have a place ready to store them.
5)Be ready for questions. Try to answer them in your presentation.
6)Don't list standards. Have some copies ready to hand out to those who want them afterwards. Some parents may like to have a copy, but many don't and will be overwhelmed with the information.

So here's my freebie powerpoint presentation. Even if you can't use it verbatim, I think it can give you some ideas and make your life easier. I hope you can use it!

My classroom decoration/organization sale is only going on until July 4th. So get your set now while they're only $1 !!!!!

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