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Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Classroom Goal freebie

I've said it of my favorite parts of teaching is decorating my classroom. I also LOVE to decorate my home. We moved into a new home last year, and although I love it, I sometimes wonder if we made the right choice. Or really, if I made the right choice, because when I'm honest about it, it was me driving the decision to move. My husband would have been content to stay put. And now sometimes I think, "was he right?" So I'm working to make it our own, and have it feel like ours. And make some money on it when we sell it someday.

Anyway, I love all things decorating. So this summer I started reading decorating blogs. And now I'm more consistent in reading those than school blogs. Sometimes. One of my favorite is "The Inspired Room". One of the reasons I like it is because the woman (Melissa) who writes it is real, and realistic. She knows how life is, and how finances are a part of real life. Making a home (and classroom) what we want it to be takes time. Sometimes we have to take baby steps.

This year Melissa posted a goal sheet for decorating and/or organizing your home. I thought it was a great idea to help me get through my many unfinished projects. Maybe then my 2 second-hand end tables would actually get painted before I start (and not finish) my next project. So I made a classroom version, too. Here it is. You are welcome to it. Happy new year and good luck on Monday!!!
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