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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Easy long range planning

Do you know Linda Kamp? She is awesome. I love her products and her blog posts. Helpful, to the point, engaging. I read her latest, and it taught me a new Pinterest tip. Organize the school year pins by month!  You can't do that for all of your teaching pins, but it's great for those that work! I think it will really make planning my year easier.

Also, being Jan. 2nd, with school a mere 2 days away, it's time to start planning. I'll be honest, I HATE writing lesson plans. Mine are pretty involved, and that's important to me but I need to find a way to enjoy writing them and find passion in my planning! I'm not sure that's possible, but today I came across Linda's January Pinterest board, and a new way to use that I think might help. I've written before about, but my new way to use it: Planning units!  It allows me to create units in any class, date them, add lessons, assessments, objectives, standards, and more.

I just finished Social Studies for the rest of the year. Now I'll just need to add to each individual unit as I go. For example, I purchased 2 MLK projects at TPT, and I added them to the unit. And at, I can upload the unit right to my lesson plan page. So I can plan my unit, go to my weekly lesson plan, attach the items I purchased, along with the unit plan I created, and boom! My week is done. And saved for the next year to tweak as I go. I can also add a link to my monthly Pinterest board (or any Pinterest board) and anything pinned is right there, ready to use!

If you need planning to be a little easier, or you need to do some long term planning, is the way to go.

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