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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A David idea for PBL and higher level thinking

Check out that David! Is he awesome or what!? A gift from a parent last year who made and painted him.

David's thinking "Let's go outside!"

David is thinking "This is awesome"! Pretty perceptive- he probably would think that!

I've seen so many cute projects with David. Which is understandable because who doesn't love David? He's the good and bad in all of us. Don't you just want to meet the real David Shannon? I bet he's super fun to hang out with. And maybe he's been to the dentist since he was little. Sorry. But the teeth...I know, I know...they're part of what makes him so lovable. 

So my twist on the David projects:
1. We had already read and brainstormed our classroom rules after reading David Goes to School.
2. Discuss the question (A little problem based learning for some upper level thinking!) "What would our classroom be like without rules"?
3. Organize thoughts based on what our classroom would 1)look like  2)smell like  3)sound like  4)feel like -the atmosphere
4. In one sentence (or more for those who are able) describe what our classroom would be like without rules
5. In a second sentence (or more), tell whether or not you would like to be in a classroom without rules, and why.
6. Make David's head
7. In the thought bubble, Write what DAVID would think about being in a classroom without rules. More upper level thinking! Yay!
I didn't give the kids any direction on how to make David, other than giving them paper to use for eyes and nose and mouth. They could also draw them on if they wanted. I think they would've looked more like David if I had, but I let them create him all on their own. I wanted it to be a little more student-directed. I got my templates for David's head and speech bubble from First Grade Wow. She does her project a little differently, but as always, it's awesome.
Thanks for reading!

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