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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tips for teaching writing and free posters

I'm redecorating my husband's classroom. I posted about it here on my other blog. Oh, by the way, I started a new blog. It's about classroom decorating, which is probably one of my favorite parts about teaching. 

Anyway, my husband had some little posters hanging up that listed the 6 traits of writing with a description. They had some graphics on them, but were plain white, and hung all haphazard, making them more of a distraction than an anchor chart. They're hard to see, but they're on the cabinets in the back. So I cleaned them up and gave them some graphics that matched his classroom decor. I didn't make the original poster, and it is not my original wording. It comes from 

This website is great! It has so much useful information and ideas for teaching writing. The teacher is now a high school teacher, but used to teach elementary or middle, so I think I'll be able to tweak alot of the stuff for the lower grades. Check it out if you need a few tips for teaching writing!


So here are my posters- they're free at TPT and TN.

 And by the way,if you become a follower of my Schoolroom Swag blog, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send you something from my store for free!

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