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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Victor verb, Nancy Noun and Growing up to be a Pirate

My class is SO cute and funny this year. They say the most hilarious stuff. And they are so excited to share their new learning. Last week I was introducing a big book "10 Dogs in the Window" (which is really cute) so I was "selling" it, and telling them how great all the first grade classes think it is. One little girl got SO excited, she put her hands up to her mouth and started, like, thrashing around and said in this little "Despicable Me" voice "I just love school! I can't wait to see what we learn today!!!!" And she wasn't trying to be goofy or make everyone laugh. She was totally sincere. It was AWESOME.

So here was our week:
Nancy noun and Victor Verb: Victor only eats vegetables and Nancy only eats Nachos. We "fed" Victor and Nancy with paper chips and paper carrots, depending on the word they drew. I wrote nouns and verbs on cards, and they drew them from the deck, then had to decide who to feed. Of course we ate  the real thing later. They were AS excited to eat the carrots as the Doritos. Seriously. I have dream children. And no allergies this year- thank you, Jesus!

Making short vowel words. I have these fun, and funky letters that I got online somewhere. I wish I could remember where and share it, cuz they were only like 6 bucks! But I can't remember. And these two cuties are the funniest!! That little boy at lunchtime once said, "When I grow up I'm going to be a pirate." He was TOTALLY serious. And then she said "You can't be a pirate anymore once you have a wife." Again- deadpan serious. So HE says, "Yes, I can. I'll just go out and get treasures on Thursdays." I think I'm gonna make that into a sign and hang it in my house.

Ladybug subitzing. Look at the dots on one side of  the ladybug and write the number on the other side. We practiced "look, write, count" to get used to looking and writing and then counting if we needed to double check.  We then made ladybug books with dots on each side to make a number sentence. I took pictures but think I deleted them. Maybe next time. It was a good hands-on activity using subitizing, missing addends, and adding. Plus fine motor skills and will look cute at open house! A win-win-win!

An oldie but a goodie. Nothing fancy. Just a spelling hunt. Having fun letter stickers makes all the difference. Maybe next time I'll call it "The Spelling Hunt" game just to jazz it up. And find some good hunting music. They'd eat it up.

By the way, if you're looking for a good fall candle- B&B Works has their candles on sale 2 for $20. And they're decent sized. Their new fall scents are awesome. "Pumpkin Caramel Latte"-it's a keeper. My daughter (7 year old) said "Mom, I wanna eat that candle."

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  1. Love your Victor Verb and Nancy Noun activity! Fun!


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