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Saturday, August 16, 2014

A calendar time tip and freebie

Calendar time...argh!! One of the most frustrating parts of my day. I used to spend SO much time keeping kids on task. I created a unit of pages that they could all fill out together while one person did the work on the actual calendar area. That helped. But I still felt like we spent way too much time at the calendar, and kids were too off-task. So I'm changing it up this year. Only one person does calendar with me one-on-one. That way I'll be able to more easily assess who needs help, challenge the people who are ready, and everyone else is at their desk working on their journal. So far we've had 2 days of practice at this. So far, so good.

Right now we're only working on the date, writing the date in numerical form, the days of school, and the h-t-o chart, which is still on tens. I'll use my calendar unit as a guide to add on to that as well. We do add one day to the big calendar at a time, but we also discuss the year as a whole. We have an event calendar, which is a year-long calendar that is posted in order on the wall next to the bigger monthly calendar. Everyone is able to add their events to the event calendar. I keep those pages on the wall in a timeline so kids can see the year as a whole and where the month falls within the year.
Calendar Time's CounterpartI put my calendar unit up as a freebie on TPT if you're interested. It includes date, days of the week, months of the year, time, teeth tallying, etc. It includes a variety of pages so that you can scaffold or differentiate. There are 20 pages all together.

Good luck with your calendar time! It seems always to be a work in progress, doesn't it? But I think it's such an important part of our day!
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