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Saturday, August 2, 2014

What to say at parent orientation...a top 10 list


Do you have a Back to School night or parent orientation?  I do. Sometimes it's tough to get all the information across without losing your audience. After about 10 minutes, they're gone. They're like a bunch of deer caught in the headlights. And I can't blame 'em. I'm a parent. I've spent my time in those headlights.

I have a ppt presentation that I show them. It's filled with all kinds of classroom information. I also save it as a pdf file and post it on our website so it is accessible to them all year. I don't hand it out to the parents, but I give them a blank outline so they can take notes if they want. Here it is. It comes in three different themes. Polka dot, enchanted forest, and secret agent. It's editable so you can change it however you see fit. I love it because it saves me so much time and gives me a guideline. And I can edit what I say based on the glazing I see creeping over the eyes of the parents in my room.
Back to School Night: An Editable Ppt Presentation with a Back to School Night: An Editable PPT for parents

But here are some basics I think are important to let our parents know:
1. I love your child and want to be a memorable part of your family's life.
2. Your child will be given what he or she needs.
3. Your child's growing independence is a GOOD thing. Let them grow.
4. I will listen to you and work with you to help your child. That is why I spend my life doing this.
5. More worksheets does not equal a challenge.
6. All children are gifted. Just in different areas. It's my job to find and nurture that gift.
7. I am knowledgeable and experienced. Let me earn your trust.
8. Your kids will be fine after you drop them off.
9. 95% of the time, kids are better behaved at school. If they are making bad choices at school, I'm pretty sure they're doing it at home.
10. I don't need or want any more mugs.

Obviously, some of these things I can say and some not so much. But I think most of them can and should be said. Actually, I think I may go add some of them to my presentation. My pastors always end the service with a take-away for us. I think I'll do that same thing. These will be my ending take aways, give or take a couple!

Good luck with your parent orientation!
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  1. This is a wonderful post! I love your top ten thoughts! And yes - no more mugs! Your class website - how do you do that? What's it through? I want to start one this year, so I'm trying to get ideas. Thanks, Sara

    1. Hi Sara
      I use our school's website. But my husband has one. Let me see what he uses and I'll reply on your blog.

  2. Thanks, even though I have taught for many years this is still a hard thing.


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