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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Charlotte's Web Week

Thank you to everyone who joined our blog hop! I'm working to respond to all of you and join all your stores and blogs, so be patient with me and I'll make sure I get to them all.

We have national book week this week. Our book is "Charlotte's Web" and we spent the week doing activities revolving around Charlotte's Web. Here's our Pronoun Place and Breakfast By the Barn.

The kids wrote pronouns on the animals and glued them onto the barn. Not brilliant, I know, but I like to practice cutting and gluing, even though they are pretty much second graders.

This is out breakfast by the barn. We celebrated book week by eating, obviously. One of our breakfast items was cinnamon rolls, and tomorrow we will do our synonym activities! We were supposed to do them today, but ran out of time as we got ready for tomorrow's parade.
In the background is our float that you can't really see. (:  You can see the webs on the barn that we later put "terrific", "some pig", and "radiant" onto. The barn that the girls are holding with the words we later turned around for the Pronoun Place barn. We really had fun with that breakfast!

Tomorrow is the book float parade, and ours is pretty cute. I'm trying to download a pronoun game freebie, but I'm having problems, so tomorrow I'll show you our float and give you the freebie. Check back tomorrow!
Thanks for reading!

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