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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A unit freebie for 5

Wow. What a day. 2 kids left early, kids in tears over it, yadda yadda. All's well that ends well, I guess. And it did, for the most part.

I have a favor/freebie to ask/give 5 of you. I would like some advice about my products on TPT. Honestly, I don't sell much and I'm not sure why. The stuff I make is first and foremost for me to use, (as I know all your stuff is, too) so that should be enough. But for the part of me that wants to make a little money on the side (braces and a "new" vehicle are calling, and a house with carpet that is SERIOUSLY  20 years old) I get disappointed when it doesn't sell. Does anyone else feel that way?

So for the first 5 people who comment on this post, I will give you a copy of  this unit to have. I will email it to you directly, as an attachment, if you don't mind me having your email address. Trust me, I won't stalk your address. I have enough emails to keep track of. But in return, I would like some honest feedback to see what you think of it, and what you would use/wouldn't use. My husband at this point is NOT a huge help in this area. (:

I really appreciate your help. I think the unit is about 65 pages, so there should be something someone could use somewhere in the mix! And if anyone wants to join me in this, I'll start a linky party. Last time I'm pretty sure I did it wrong, so I'll try to find the right way this time. (:

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Hi, I haven't really looked at anything of yours yet so I can't give you honest feedback about your specific units; however, my guess is that since you don't have alot of followers that your products haven't had as much exposure to actually be bought. I don't know what kind of methods you use to promote your products. I know that TPT has some methods, some free and some paid, to promote them. This might help. I would love to look over your pack and see if I can give you any feedback on it.

    I am just starting out my store and have all free items. I don't know when you started your store, but my advice is to not get frustrated yet. It takes time for your products to be recognized. Like I said I will be more than happy to review your products for you :) I hope this at least gives you some encouragement if anything.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. Thanks Heidi
    I'll send it to you this afternoon. I appreciate your time!

  3. Thanks. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I just awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award! Check out my blog for more details.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  4. Ann, I would be happy to look at your unit and give you some feedback. I am your newest follower!

  5. Hi Ann! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have no idea why my contact form is not working! I have emailed my support person to find out, so thank you SO much for responding about that. What other way did you try to follow? My blog can do RSS feed, follow by email, facebook, and twitter. I want to make sure those are working!

    Learning is a Journey
    Polka Dot Parlor

  6. Hi Bethany, I did find your email follow. I'll double check to make sure. I'll also send you my unit! Thanks for checking it out for me!

  7. I haven't looked at your Units but I did go to your TpT store. I have a bunch of free stuff up on TpT but not many items for purchase. One of my blog colleagues said that when she started to put up more free stuff, she started to sell other things because people who had gotten free stuff followed her. Also, pin your units (with a link to here, not Tpt) to Pinterest. We do that with our blog and from all of the email we get, they get passed around pinterest like crazy. We are kind of new to the whole blogging/TpT business so you may have already done all this.


    1. Thanks Stephany, I appreciate it! I'll send you the unit, and then go check out your store and blog. I really appreciate your writing back to me and taking the time to check out my stuff. Thank you so much!

  8. Ann,

    It was my first time in your store. I became a follower, rated a few freebies, and thought your items looked lovely. My only advice is somewhat to echo what was said above: pin, pin, pin!....Quality Freebies.....Maybe look into using some of Kevin and Amanda's free fonts. They have some primary appropriate fonts that are still super cute and attract buyers' attentions.
    I know what if feels like to invest so much of yourself and time into creating these resources. I am new also. Everyone just says to be patient. Our turn will come.

    Nicole Rios

  9. (:
    Thanks for thoughts! I have a lot of Kevin and Amanda's stuff, but once someone told me they had a hard time reading them, so now I'm gun shy. Thank you so much for writing! I have to tell you, stuff you write always makes me smile.
    PS...send me your email and Ill send you my unit to look over. Unless you're leary of posting it, I get it.


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