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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Read aloud linky party from Miss Nelson

I'm linking up with Miss Nelson From Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera, and Jeannie from Kindergarten Lifestyle and their super cute blogs for a read aloud party. I love Jennifer Ward. She came to our school to visit once and was SO cute and personable. 
 Over in the Garden
 I also love all things Kevin Henkes. 

Ok, that sounds weird. Books, I meant. I'm not a stalker. 
Also Don and Audrey Wood- love them. "The Napping House" is one of my favorite picture books. And for those of you who categorize your libraries by AR level, Common Core Standards, and everything do you do it???!! 

One of my new favorite books is "Mrs. Spitzer's Garden". Have you seen this book? So cute.
And who can forget Olivia? Ian Falconer must be hilarious in real life. 

Here's a Venn diagram activity I did with Mrs. Spitzer's Garden. It might be hard to see, but the petals on each side of the flower compare me to Mrs. Spitzer, and the ones in the middle are the same about us.

The one that says "has gray hair" should be WAY over on Mrs. Spitzer's side.  (:  But notice the "has old feet".   ????!!!!!   And apparently we both have hair that sticks out. (:

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Hi Ann! Thanks for your comment & being my 50th follower! So exciting. I'm your newest follower :) & I also love Kevin Henkes!

    Sliding into First!

    1. Thanks Cait! I love your crayon people! I thought about doing that but didn't have any molds. Yours are super cute, I'm gonna do it for my incoming first graders in the fall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks for being my latest follower at Hopkins' Hopppin' Happenings! I hope you will come on back sometime, I just added information on how to sign up for a newsletter! I just followed you back. Love your blog, very cute!

    1. Thanks Brian! I will be back to check out your blog again- summer's here so plenty of time!

  3. Thanks for linking up. I love Mrs. Spitzer's Garden. Great selections.

  4. I love your blog Miss Nelson!


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