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Sunday, August 12, 2012

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Well, tomorrow's my first day, and I'm preparing mentally by watching a little Jane Austen.  Ahhh...."Sense and Sensability" . It is to us romantics what Windex is to the Greeks.

 So my classroom is ALMOST done. I'm linking up with Miss Nelson and her fabulous yellow and black classroom party. Her room is so cute- go check it out here.
I'm also joining Swimming Into Second for hers.

Did I mention that tomorrow is the first day of school? My own kids will be helping me with the last of the finishing touches. So here's some before:


 And here's some after. I was going for a polka dot/Hawaiian theme. I used my classroom decorations from TPT. I actually changed the name of it, and I can't remember what it's called anymore. (:  But here it is. There's other matching stuff on my TPT store, too. And it's all a buck!

So here's some after shots:
 The library and reading corner/listening center. The shelves are behind the surfboards and palm tree. I plan to use the surf boards as anchor charts for the Daily 5. If you can't tell, it's supposed to be a beach with sand and water. I actually glued real sand and shells on the paper. It's hard to see, but it did make it look a little more like a beach.
 Supply baskets. The name tags on the buckets are from Schoolgirl Style.
                                                      Birthday board ala Target.  I have polka dot candles to put in the cups once I find out when their birthdays are.                                                 

Writing center.

There's an alphabet on the writing desk from Schoolgirl Style, but obviously you can't see it, which is a bummer because it looks really cute. She has great stuff. That was my desk from the last 2 years, which I spray painted and am giving to the students to use. On the cabinet doors on the left are ribbons hanging with clothespins that I can use to hang work. The front of that blue chair has polka dots on it.
 My small group reading corner and desk. I got rid of my desk and will use this. I need some cute little seats.  Maybe next month. My school budget is depleted. I also plan to use that wall for anchor charts made into Hawaiian flowers.

 The view from the doorway. The calendar area is to the right. The big blank spot on the far wall is the future home of our Soc. St. and Science units wall. Notice the words at the top of that section that I have yet to take down. (See comment above on children helping.)
 Calendar area. I just realized I didn't put any numbers on the calendar yet. Oops. Again, see above comment on children helping. The background on this wall is a sagey-limey color from a plastic tablecloth. I really got into plastic tablecloths this year. They're great and cheap. The pink border on the calendar is also tablecloth. It looks a little weird that it's the only thing bordered here, but the border didn't match, and I wanted to cover it up.

 My clip chart is like the helper chart above with ribbon putting the pieces together. It's paper sized, not small circles, of course. I think it turned out cute, but it's not up yet. Again with the children helpers. I better stock up on candy in my classroom.

Well, Marianne has just met Willoughby and I'm getting super tired. I don't think I'll make it as far as the Dashwood girls going to London. Oh,  Alan Rickman. He is so great in this movie. Huh....Professor Snape... Who knew? But did you ever feel like Hugh Grant is not quite right for Emma Thompson?

If you're not a Jane Austen fan, just disregard that last paragraph.
Check back tomorrow for a freebie! 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your room is so cute! You are cracking me up with the Jane Austen analogy! :)

  2. Your room turned out fabulous Ann :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life
    I am having a classroom decor pack of your choice giveaway at my blog.

  3. Looks nice. Hope you have a good day and every thing comes together for tomorrow :)

  4. Your room is so cute! That green desk is amazing and so is your beach board. Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

  5. WoW! I love the Hawaiian theme!


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