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Monday, August 6, 2012

Product review


Owl Themed ABC's for Word Wall or Centers
If you go to Jessica Stanford's blog, it will say "The day is finally here!" Well, that day came and went, and poor Danielle from Patterson's Porch had to wait until TODAY to finally get her product reviewed. The product of hers that I chose is an owl alphabet. It is SO cute, cute, cute!!!!!  I know alot of people are using owls in their classroom decorations, and you need to check hers out!  You can definitely use them! And they're only 3 bucks!  It's a win-win.  I don't even have owls in my classroom and I'm still using them!

Patterson's porch

Dani's blog is also great. Right now she's posting about organizing and decorating her classroom, so go check it out. She also has some cool raps for kids that would also be great for middle school. She has a lot of great ideas, and is also a new blogger, so go show her some love. We all need that. So I appologize to Dani for the tardiness and I whole heartedly LOVE her cute alphabet owls!

 Glitter Words
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