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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

McNouns and Mcverbs freebie

It's our second week of school and we're working on learning what "Classify" means in regards to grammar. We use Shirley English, which I love, but we all need a little spice in our lives from time to time. Add some fries, and voila!  A little spicy number. (And it's not Rita Moreno. Did I just age myself? That was SNL from back in the day for all you young pups.The $25,000 Pyramid.)

Anyway.... to help me teach nouns and verbs, we classify the words on some paper fries and put them in the right container. I give everyone the same amount of fries, (yellow strips of paper) and then call out a word (I draw a word from out of the McD's bag just to add a little drama). They classify it as a noun or verb by putting it into the right fry box, which McDonald's gave me when I begged. Then we eat real fries that are baking in the oven as we are playing! I teach at a private school that has a church kitchen, so I have an advantage there. But maybe you have a secretary or parent who could help you out with that.  Add a worksheet at the end for some more easy assessment and practice, and you've got yourself a grammar meal.

Here's the worksheet I used.You can get it here.
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