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Friday, January 3, 2014

The Crabby Eraser

Wow! October 27th. That was my last blog post. Haha. That's so...reality. Writing on a blog, trying to think of ideas that are valid, thinking I really don't do anything in my classroom that's worthy of others doing the same thing...that's just the way it is.

So here's something I do that's quirky and weird, but I think is valid.

Yes, it's on its side. But for some reason, after 15 precious minutes of trying to download it, I can't correct it. Technology is not my friend. Anyway, the one with the M&M sticker on it used to belong to a student of mine. He was (and is) a great kid. I found the eraser the summer after he left my room.  It had his little "Jackson" sticker on it and I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. Plus, pink erasers are like gold, aren't they??? So "The Crabby Eraser" was born. The Crabby Eraser comes out mainly during penmanship class, but also makes appearances whenever my kids start to get lazy in their handwriting prowess. He's crabby because he's hungry and he likes to eat messy handwriting. So when kids aren't writing neatly, instead of preaching at them and annoying all of us, I just get out TCE. I don't say anything, I just walk around erasing. The kids LOVE to HATE TCE. Try your own Crabby Eraser. It's quirky and weird and works wonders.

So this Christmas I created TCE's brother (the snowman eraser) "Professor McGonagall". I know how sometimes you just say whatever pops into your head at the time? Well, that was the name for the new eraser that popped into my head. I think in spring I'll be finding a new Easter themed eraser.

So after a couple appearances of "Professor McGonagall", this SWEET little guy in my room who is Cutie McCuterson, just does NOT want to work. It's right before Christmas. He's going to Ohio to see Grandma and Grandpa. He is DONE. He's at the point of laying his head down on his desk and making whining noises. Well, one morning he's doing his work and has to erase something. So he gets out his new little end-cap eraser (hate those, don't you??) and says, "This is Bob the eraser." HAHAHAHAHAHHA! Talk about a mood-lifter. I felt validated. One of my students listened to something I said. I want a raise.

Happy New Year! Blessings to you on 2014. I have no real resolutions. I would like to read my Bible more. I'm 3 days into breaking that one.
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  1. Hi Ann! That is the cutest story and what a great motivator! My kiddos call any empty seat "Bob's" chair and whenever we find things that nobody claims they say "It must be Bob's." I'm going to try your idea and call it "Bob's eraser"!

    Your blog is beautiful!


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