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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Using Prepositions- and a $1 flash sale!


I am so excited about this product. I made a book of prepositions that my kids use everyday when we write in our journal. We write using sentence patterns. I transferred that over to journal time in order to enhance their journals and give them more of an authentic writing time. We started with the pattern:
subject noun-verb
subject noun-verb-adverb
and now we are doing sentences like this:
subject pronoun- verb-adverb-preposition-article-object of the preposition
article-adjective-subject noun-verb-adverb-preposition-article-object of the preposition
My students draw a line between the subject and predicate. They underline the subject once and the predicate twice. They label all the parts of speech. It's amazing. But when writing prepositions, their vocabulary can still be somewhat limited. So I made it easy- I made a list, of sorts, and I put it into this book. Now whenever they're writing and get stuck on prepositions, they go to the book and find one. I've noticed this has also helped them remember prepositions for the future, so they start to use the book less until they want a new and exciting one to try.
For the next 24 hours it is only $1 on Teachers Pay Teachers. So get it now because that price will not last!
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