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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Uses for Dollar Store Gloves

Have you seen these cute gloves from the Dollar Store?

They have tons of really cute ones! I bought some thinking I could use them for something! So here's my first attempt. I wrote the 5 rules of capitalization (a Shirley English thing) on an address label and stuck them on the fingers. Then I held up the fingers (you have to get inventive with that middle finger!) and we learned the rules!
Just wearing the gloves is enough to make it exciting, but we played it as a game, with kids blurting out the answers as I held up the fingers, and kids working in partners to quiz each other. This little dollar glove cut down on my teaching time by DAYS! The rules of capitalization was something that took days and weeks of hounding for them to get into their little brains. With these bad boys, we had it in a day.

I also plan to use them for "who-what-when-where-how" questioning. And any other 5 pt. teaching lesson I can come up with. Maybe for clapping out syllables as well. A little quiet clapping is never a bad thing.
Enjoy your day off!

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