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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bag Day Freebie

Does anyone else have a hard time getting back into the swing after a break? It takes me a few days and then I'm fine, but last year I was afraid the kids would be crying (since I was) so I came up with "Summer's Comin' Special Days". Once a week we have a special day to celebrate our year together (and ending ). So today it started again and we had "Bag Day". Have you ever done a bag day? It's really fun. So here's a little explanation and graphic. Not much but something to use.

And here's my son pretending to be one of my students picking out of the Hooray bag.

And our "Mrs. Spitzer" flowery venn diagram activity for our new garden unit:

Here's the book:
We made a Venn Diagram using flowers. The petals in between us are the points that are similar between me and Mrs. Spitzer- one difference was my messy desk. (:  And that I love chocolate and hate scorpions. (: It's funny, because the kids thought that everything about me would be the same about Mrs. Spitzer. Which led to a discussion about character traits of people. I have this book included with more ideas on my TPT store.
Time for a little "Up All Night and BED!!!!!! Thanks for visiting!

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