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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A new background and banner!!

For those of you blog pros out there, this background and banner took me a sadly, tiredly long time. For you newbies like me,  if you ever want help, I will TRY to help you, although I don't even know if I can remember how I actually did it.

So I feel like Bill Gates meets Martha Stewart. What, I'm two days behind on my correcting? Correcting schmecting. I have a cute blog!! What, my principal is visiting my classroom in the next 2 days? I'll just show him my cute blog!! (I know, it's not as cute as some of yours, but it's a start.)

Ok, I'm done. My back is all patted out.

We're having fun with reading "The Puddle" by David McPhail. Turns out if you let a 6 year old write their answer on a rain drop, they'll be chompin at the bit to try it! Who knew?! So here's a little unit supplement with some math centers for rain, weather, spring, gardening, etc. It's only a buck and a half, so you can't beat it for cheap and easy to use.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ann- Yeah! I found your blog after all and yes it is very cute. Since you are offering advice, how did you get the pictures on the side of your blog. I can't figure out how to do that.

  2. Hey Dawn
    I'm trying to get to your blog, and I can't get there. I got the blog background from It was free- they had a ton of cute free stuff. It took me awhile to do that because I couldn't find the right template. The banner took me a long time, too. But it's not hard, you have to use microsoft paint, I think. But one of my other followers told me that she got hers designed by a pro for $25. I wish I would've known that before I started doing it myself, it would've saved me so much time. Send me an email at sielaff6@hotmail and I'll tell you how I did the banner and background. Thanks for checking me out!


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