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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

crocodile craftivity

Ok, so my last expository writing activity wasn't so hot. It was ok, but needed some tweaking. We're switching over to Common Core and I'm afraid of how our writing will fall short, so we're hammering it home til the end of the year. So here's our writing for today.

The writing was "An alligator can help me_______". We talked about what an alligator can, has and is, in order to decide how an alligator could help us like he helped the boy in the story. The alligators come from last week's story "The Puddle". I'm adding some more to my puddle unit, so check it out if you need some rain activities.The template for the alligator will be in it. Also some frog activities. Look for that tomorrow, hopefully.

 Is anyone else having problems with fighting? I'm sure it's end of the year sickness, but it needs to stop. The tattling and just bickering. Where is the love????? Sigh. Tomorrow will be better.

And here's our auction project: a salsa basket (terra cotta pot) decopaged with crayon wrappers. I'll show you the finished project. When it's done. Someday. It's supposed to be done by Friday. !!!??? I can't imagine that happening??!!
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