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Friday, April 13, 2012

Ok, here's another freebie. We were nature detectives this week. So here's our main idea graphic. I used it as a power point, and then I used the colorless version to help teach haikus. We wrote a haiku together, and then they wrote them in pairs, and then alone. Click  Here for the pages!

And here's the haiku we wrote together:

Sorry about the blur on the picture.

I realized after the day was over that it was Friday the 13th. Well no wonder. (Did the Pretty Woman quote just run through your head? When Julia Roberts says, "Well, no wonder. No wonder why you came lookin' for me?!") Or am I the only one who thinks in movie quotes sometimes?

Today my quote of the week in the newsletter was: "I love my life." One of my little girls just blurted that out as she was working with someone on something. How awesome. I wish I thought that way more often. Because I do, I love my life, I just don't always appreciate it. (:

Thanks for reading!

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