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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day freebie with a religious point of view

 I know I'm a little late to jump on the Earth Day bandwagon, but here it is anyway. I hope you can use it.  Since I teach in a Christian school, we're going  to come at it from a Christian perspective, which is what we should do in all aspects of our lives. I made a ppt presentation of passages from the Bible that are applicable to the Earth and taking care of it. It's short- only like 5 slides. I have some activities that include abc order, finding words and a word search, all with a "God" theme. God's the One who made the earth, and at our school, we can celebrate that. Our activity is an Earth craft that is sitting in "God's" hands. Nothing that reinvents the wheel- just simple, but hopefully gives the kids a picture of how God does have us in His hands, taking care of us. The kids will trace their own hands and color them whatever color they think is appropriate for God's hands to be colored. I'm looking forward to seeing that!

I'm giving my kids a choice of what kind of earth they want to make. We're using dobber dots on coffee filters, ripped paper, and glitter. There are so many out there. Too many to name them all. Then they'll trace their hands, glue the earth to them, and attach the sign. We'll frame our Earths on black paper to represent space. I also am using some of Amy Lemons cute activities with it. So here's your free ppt and activity packet. 

Since our paradigm as Christ-followers is to take care of this planet that God gave us for all our needs, I would like to tie in the fact that we need to be good stewards of ALL our gifts. I'll let you know how that works out on a different day!


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