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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Enchanted Forest Classroom and a freebie of your choice

                                           My classroom theme for next year...Enchanted Forest
I've been working on decorations and labels for my classroom for next year. I have no parties to plan, and I spent some time on pinterest today, unfortunately. So instead of doing lesson plans, I started making my classroom decorations for next year. It's a sickness. I wonder if I could get a Dr.'s note for procrastination.

Anyway, this is about all I've done so far, and it took me a sadly long time. I'm thinking it looks a little Halloweeny, though. Maybe it's the purple background.  And what do you think of the glittery background? For this alphabet, I plan to include different background colors. My main color theme is blue, green, and purple. But I think I'll add some extra color in with the lady bugs and dragonflies. I also have a few other things I'll be adding later.
Word Wall, etc.

Another alphabet for Word Wall, etc.

Quotes for a Welcome banner

 I need some opinions. Too Halloween-ish? Change the fonts? Change the backgrounds? What do you think? The first three people to give me their opinions will get their choice of product from my TPT store. My husband thanks you for sparing him!
Thanks for reading, and thanks for your opinions!

 Glitter Words
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  1. Love the glitter background on the bottom! Maybe you could just replace the trees with a branch on the top right corner to match the one on the bottom left.

  2. I am in the exact same boat. I am changing my theme next year to enchanted forest also. I LOVE the glittery background. But then can you ever have enough glitter.Maybe its more about the shape/color of the trees????

  3. My principal just announced that, for the first time EV-ER, he's letting us vote on the theme. Our school has the word forest in its name, so I found your blog via google search. I like your forest - love the glitter, and think if you changed the purple to turquoise or the blue of the birds on your blog, it wouldn't be spooky at all...Maybe go for more enchanting - almost princess-y (just don't go overboard for the boys' sake!).


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