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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Space with a gardening freebie

First Grade Science Projects

                                     Her dad's an artist, can you tell? That thing is huge and beautiful. The girl painted it all herself. She's got her Daddy's talent.

The Milky Way
That one actually had the stars hanging below it. So you looked up at the glittery star scene and the stars were right above you.

                                                              The Space Shuttle Atlantis
The girl who did this one is a super sweetie. She's one of those kids that you don't want to leave your classroom. Her little shuttle was SO CUTE.

I had some really awesome projects this year. Of course I took pictures of them on the K teacher's camera, and have been too lazy to get them.

We officially ended our space unit yesterday, although I still have a couple things left to do. Isn't it sad and scary how much you cannot get through? We worked on a little astronaut project yesterday and I said it was the last time they would be astronauts, and they all went "ooohhhh". Like they were so disappointed. So funny. Yesterday we worked on our timeline of space travel. One little girl said, "How do you know all this stuff?" HAHAHA. I felt like a GENIUS. I didn't mention the facts that I just read the timeline cards, or was actually ALIVE during some of this time.
Pages from our Space Journal

This is the Saturn project's Master Creator, by the way.

 A couple times during this unit, the kids had to be astronauts and engineers and fix, make or figure out something, using only the objects I gave them. These spaceships were one of those times. I gave each group a few random things (stickers, paper, borders,etc.) and they had to build a space ship. Notice how different they are. The red one that says "NASA"  had such a cute inside. It was filled with buttons and "gadgets" (they love that word). And the seat on the inside was all decked out. And that black one totally looks like a spaceship.

                                                                A Starry Night Reproductions

Everything we used for our space unit are in my units on TPT. There are two of them. It's Spacetacular and It's Spacetacular 2.

Now it's time to move on to Gardening and Plants. The title "Gardener" just doesn't sound as cool as "Astronaut". There must be a cool name. I'll have to look that up today. We'll be making a pizza garden and using what we grow to make our own pizza! I'm hoping to have one last field trip to my favorite pizza place. That's about as cool as it gets.

Wow! This is long post. That's what I get when I don't write for 2 months. So here's a gardening freebie for putting up with it. It's an activity for using the correct article, a or an.

Thanks for reading!

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