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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Free cute graphics!!!!! Even for commercial use!

     I'm not a pet teacher. I always had dogs growing up because my Dad was the Chief of Police in a tiny little town in MN, and being the Chief, he was in charge of putting pets in the pound. Well, rather than put them to sleep, he would bring them home. First we had Mickey, then we had Sid. I don't hate animals, but I don't have pets now, which my children are very sad about. I have 4 kids and a job and a husband. My plate is full. And I don't have them in the classroom. That's just not me.  Well, my class is getting a pet turtle for a week or two. It was supposed to be longer until I found out how dirty they are. Now I'm even nervous about the week or two.
      So I found these really cute graphics while making a turtle habitat unit. And they're FREE! I found them here at!!! Go there!!! You of course need to give the artist credit, but that goes without saying, even when we pay for graphics! Check out what this artist, Laura Strickland, had to say to us teachers about using her graphics:

"I do not mind teachers using my work on Teachers Pay Teachers etc. because I appreciate what you do. I'm a mom of three boys and I am so thankful for the job all of you do. I've had the privilege of helping in my children's classrooms and I know first hand how much time and energy teachers put into each day and sometimes, I know, you spend money out of your own pocket. Teachers are the cornerstone of our society. After all, without teachers we wouldn't have doctors, scientists, lawyers etc. I am thrilled and honored to help teachers and give back through my work. You may use my work either in freebies or in the lessons that you sell."
     Does that make you want to cry or what? Doesn't it make you feel proud to be a teacher? I was very touched and grateful for her words. And her graphics! (:  
     So the next time you need a background, or some pictures, check out! And thank you Laura Strickland!

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  1. Thanks for the resource. I've never heard of this site before!

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